Freshly Frozen Wasabi Rhizomes

£ 6.00

Prices start from £6 per 20 grams of freshly frozen wasabi rhizomes.

Product Description

The wasabi rhizome also known as wasabi root will be dispatched trimmed. Most rhizomes are approximately 20 grams in weight up to 200 grams and the weight will not affect taste.  At Wasabi Crop we harvest the rhizomes, then prepare them for vacuum packing.  We then freeze the vacuum packed rhizomes for our customers to contain their freshness for grating. On receipt of your wasabi rhizome, remove it from the vacuum pack and wash it under the tap with cold running water. Then wrap the wasabi rhizome in a damp cheesecloth - which is provided - and place it in the fridge until further use.  Please store the wasabi rhizome in an open glass container. The rhizome requires good air circulation and you should dampen the cheesecloth and rewrap the rhizome.  This procedure should be repeated every 2-3 days. You can grate the wasabi rhizome on a Japanese sharkskin grater or simply just use a micro-grater or even the lower part of a cheese grater.  This grating approach will provide a delicious wasabi paste. During the grating process, the rhizome cell walls break down to release the wasabi kick which generates a fresh, pungent, zingy hot flavour. 

The freshly frozen wasabi rhizome can be stored for up to 5 days.  It is best to use the wasabi rhizome within 2 days on receipt in order to maintain its optimum favour! 

Enjoy grated wasabi - providing new foods for your table!

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