Wasabi Japanese Experience

Wasabi Crop is always looking to put the punch back into food and drink, so if there are any ideas to put fresh wasabi into a favourite recipe, please contact us. Remember to add gated rhizome to spice up sandwiches using wasabi mayonnaise. What about adding grated rhizome to a favourite beverage to bring the pungency zingy sweetness and heat out on a cold night.

Enjoy Wasabi Rhizome

The Wasabi Japanese experience will provide an opportunity to enjoy the fusion of flavour and taste in your cuisine. The addition of grated rhizome as an accompaniment in a range of products makes it a versatile ingredient to enable the creation of a variety of foods and beverages. Just imagine wasabi ice cream, chocolate and wasabi gin!

Here at Wasabi Crop we welcome all customers who are interested in the Wasabi Japanese experience!

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