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Wasabi Crop is always looking to put the punch back into food and drink, so if there are any ideas to put fresh wasabi into a favourite recipe, please contact us. Remember to add wasabi to spice up sandwiches using wasabi mayonnaise. What about adding wasabi to a favourite beverage to bring the pungency zingy sweetness and heat out on a cold night.

In Japanese cuisine, wasabi complements sushi and sashimi - but this is now changing especially in restaurants who want to experience a new dynamic flavour. The fascination of wasabi as an ingredient in a range of products is made possible due to the preparation of the rhizome into powder and paste. These different formulations have all of the heat and flavours of fresh wasabi, so this makes it a versatile ingredient to enable the manufacture of a variety of food and drink products. Just imagine wasabi ice cream and chocolate.

To always have wasabi on hand, just grate the whole rhizome and store the light pale green paste parcels in the freezer. The wasabi flavour and heat will still be refreshing. The special thing about

wasabia japonica

is that nothing goes to waste. These even include the leaves and stem which can add flavour to stir-fries and stews. The leaves just have enough wasabi heat to provide the pungent zingy flavour of heat and deliciousness.

Here at Wasabi Crop - growing wasabi in Northern Ireland - we welcome all customers who are interested in buying fresh wasabi Mazuma, Daruma and Green Thumb rhizomes from us. In addition to wasabi leaves and stems including wasabi plants. To receive Wasabi Crop schedule updates, please send us your details using the contact form below.