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Fresh Wasabi Leave and Stems

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Wasabi Leaves and Stems are traditionally used in Japanese cuisine for pickled sake lees. The crunchy large heart shaped wasabi leaves and stems are delicious and highly in demand outside Japan. The heat of wasabi is more prominent in stems than leaves but overall the heat is always greater in the prized rhizome!

Grating Fresh Wasabi Rhizomes

Please review the Blog Post on Grating Fresh Wasabi Rhizomes at our new Blog site at Wasabi Crop Blog

Real wasabi paste is made from grating the fresh wasabi rhizome. On grating the rhizome also known as a swollen stem which can take up to 2 years to reach maturity, the volatile isothiocyanate compounds are released to give that wasabi kick – the pungent zingy flavour which everyone wants to experience.  The wasabi paste always tastes amazing when it is freshly grated. The best grater to use on the rhizome is the traditional Japanese sharkskin paddle.  Real wasabi rhizomes are difficult to find in stores, but at Wasabi Crop we are taking care of this to produce freshly grown wasabi rhizomes, leaves and stems. 

Growing Wasabi in Northern Ireland

Please review the Blog Post on Growing Wasabi in Northern Ireland at our new Blog site at Wasabi Crop Blog

At present Wasabi Crop is one of two commercial growers in the United Kingdom and the only producer in Northern Ireland. Our aim is to grow fresh wasabi rhizomes, leaves and stems and serve all our customers. The wasabi varieties will include Mazuma, Daruma and Green Thumb. Wasabi Crop is based in County Armagh, which is the home of the Bramley apple and provides a rich agricultural land for our business.


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My name is Sofia and I am the Blogger for Wasabi Crop. We decided to move the Blog from here to our new location at Wasabi Crop Blog because we wanted it to be a more versatile media platform. The aim to share our experiences using freshly grown wasabi for cooking and letting our customers know how we are progressing with the growing of wasabi rhizomes, leaves and stems.