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 Freshly Frozen Wasabi Rhizomes are now available!

Wasabia Japonica

Wasabi Crop is located in the orchard County of Armagh on the Island of Ireland. The specific climate of Northern Ireland enables the right conditions to grow fresh wasabi. Wasabi Crop is committed to growing and supplying  wasabi rhizomes to all our customers. 

Wasabi ワサビ (Wasabia japonica or Eutrema japonica) known as the 'King of Herbs' adds a distinct flavour, an unusual pale green colour to foods and is particularly prevalent in Japanese cuisine. Interestingly wasabi - although hot in flavour - is refreshing in the aftertaste. Wasabi has a distinctive heat component which quickly dissipates in the mouth leaving an extremely pleasant and mild sweet vegetable taste with no burning sensation or unpleasant aftertaste.

Wasabi adds an aesthetic and culinary appeal to various food stuffs and is popular in Japan. Today, real fresh wasabi is finding widespread use in Western cuisine especially with its ability to convert an ordinary dish to an extra special one with a unique flavour and compelling taste. Thus, wasabi is becoming the new culinary flavour in world cuisine including wasabi flowers.

Buy Real Wasabi

In the western world, wasabi is known as Japanese horseradish and is grated to form a pale green paste which is used to complement sashimi and sushi.  Wasabi powder can be purchased from various supermarkets and has to be mixed with water to form wasabi paste. The majority of wasabi pastes and powders available in the United Kingdom are not real wasabi at all.  

Due to the scarcity, most wasabi powder and paste products contain minuscule amounts of wasabi (< 0.3%). The majority of wasabi sold is a combination of green dye, horseradish and mustard. The reason for this is due to the labour and cost of cultivating real wasabi in Japan.

Selling Freshly Frozen Wasabi Rhizomes at your convenience!

At Wasabi Crop we harvest the rhizomes and freeze them so they are always at their maximum freshness for you to grate and enjoy at your convenience. The rhizome (root) - the subterranean swollen stem of the plant - are grown in pea shingle mineral gravel beds enriched with nutrients from the added agricultural soil. The oka - wasabi rhizomes can take up to 2 years to reach maturity.

Prices will start from £5 per 20 grams of freshly frozen wasabi rhizomes - a little bit so you can try it!

The rhizome(s) will be dispatched trimmed so you get all the wasabi and no waste. Most wasabi rhizomes are approximately 50 grams in weight up to 100 grams and the weight will not affect taste. If you are looking to order more than 1 kg of fresh wasabi rhizome please get in touch.

On receipt of your rhizome just grate it on a sharkskin grater or use a fine grater or even the lower part of a cheese grater works well to generate that delicious wasabi paste. During the grating process the rhizome cell walls break down to release the wasabi kick to produce a fresh, pungent, zingy hot flavour. Remember, you can combine your freshly grated wasabi paste with sushi and sashimi. This does not stop here, just added it to ice cream, chocolate or any of your favourite recipes involving cooking wasabi.

Wasabi - Ordering the Right Amount

So, you order the right amount of wasabi rhizome 50 g will provide enough for six people for example with sushi.

Wasabi Rhizome Weight (Portion): 60 g (8+), 70 g (9+), 80 g (10+), 90 g (12+), 100 g (14+), 110 g (16+), 120 g (18+), 130 g (20+), 140 g (22+), 150 g (24+).

Health Benefits of Wasabi

Wasabi can make a significant contribution to a healthy diet as it contains fibre, protein and energy. Also, wasabi consists of a variety of minerals which include calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. All of these natural elements contribute to an overall balanced diet and healthy well-being.  In addition, wasabi is very rich in vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, folate, niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin A. There are extra benefits from wasabi both from high levels of antioxidants and low levels of cholesterol. 

Enjoy your fresh wasabi - providing new foods for your table!